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Comfort Rope Leash | Locking Clip

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Walk, hike, run with your dog. But do it in Long Paws style.

The Long Paws Comfort Rope Leash is a comfy rope lead, with a little bounce, and a locking karabiner safety clip. Once you've tried the Comfort Leash, you will agree it is the most comfortable leash you have ever used.

The leash is made from an extremely strong woven rope that flexes just a little, to absorb shocks from heavy pullers and reduce strain on your shoulders. The 'boing' absorbs the initial pull shock, and makes the leads comfortable to use whether you're out walking or jogging.

The handle is padded with soft neoprene (think Scuba suits) to make them really comfortable, and help avoid rope burn. The clip is fashioned like a karabiner, making it easy on your fingers, and has a locking safety latch, for extra safety.

The rope leashes come in gorgeous colours to suit every outfit, and are available in two lengths (30in and 44in) for keeping your dog close or letting them walk little further away.

The longer leash has an extra O-ring on the handle that allows you to close the lead and slip it over your shoulder while your dog is having a run around. It also lets you attach a poo bag holder, light, or other accessory.

Our leads are as strong as can be, and come with a Lifetime Guarantee.

You can also buy matched set - padded, (and reflective) collars and harnesses are also available.


Rope Leash Features:

  • An extremely strong woven rope leash
  • A very comfortable padded handle
  • Shock absorbent rope with a little bounce to save shoulders from heavy pullers
  • High strength swiveling karabiner to prevent twisting
  • Clip latches closed to prevent runaways and is easy on sensitive fingers
  • The 44in lead has a ring on the handle for attaching accessories or for making the lead into a loop
  • Available in 2 lengths
  • Up to 190kg tensile strength - that means it can support the weight of 2 very large people.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE against material and construction defects


Customer Reviews

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  • 75cm: Length 75cm / 30in - measures 81cm / 32in including handle
  • 110cm: Length 110cm / 44in - measures 116cm / 46in including handle 
  • Rope Thickness: 1.2cm
Comfort Rope Leash | Locking Clip
75cm / 30in / Black with Orange Stripe - £21.00
  • 75cm / 30in / Black with Orange Stripe - £21.00
  • 75cm / 30in / All Black - £21.00
  • 75cm / 30in / Orange - £21.00
  • 75cm / 30in / Green - £21.00
  • 75cm / 30in / Navy Blue - £21.00
  • 75cm / 30in / Purple - £21.00
  • 110cm / 44in / Black with Orange Stripe - Sold out
  • 110cm / 44in / All Black - £22.00
  • 110cm / 44in / Orange - Sold out
  • 110cm / 44in / Green - £22.00
  • 110cm / 44in / Navy Blue - £22.00
  • 110cm / 44in / Purple - £22.00


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