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Long Paws Comfort Rope Leash, Locking Clip, Purple
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The Long Paws Comfort lead has been designed to offer the best outdoor experience for you and your dog. The lead is both extremely comfortable and incredibly secure. It's strong enough to handle the largest of dogs and comfy enough to ensure your adventures are always enjoyable. Walk, hike, or run, but when you are out with your dog, the Long Paws Comfort Lead is the best leash you can buy.

The Comfort Rope Lead is first and foremost a really comfy rope lead. The rope has just a little bounce, which reduces the shocks you feel every time your dog pulls on the lead. The rope absorbs the and reduces the jolt, meaning your shoulder doesn't feel it as much. It's a real shoulder saver.



The leash has a karabiner styled clip, making it easy to attach to a collar or harness. To keep your dog secure, we've included a safety latch on the karabiner. The latch slides up to lock in place, and ensures the clip won't open unintentionally.




 We padded the handle with soft neoprene (the same padded material used in scuba wetsuits). This makes them really comfortable, and helps protect your hands. The handle feels substantial and gives you a good solid grip to hold on to. 

On the longer leads, we've included an O-ring on the handle. The O-ring can be used to close the lead so you can slip it over your shoulder while your dog is having an off-the-lead run around. It also lets you easily attach a poo bag holder, a light, or any other accessory. 




The rope leads come in bold colours to suit every outfit, and are available in two lengths - a 30 inch (75cm) for keeping your dog close or a 44 inch (110cm) which lets them walk with a little more freedom.


Our leads are as strong as can be, and like our other Long Paws accessories, come with a Lifetime Guarantee.

You can also buy matched set of collars and harnesses.



I received the products and they are amazing. I will be trying them out over this week. 

Annabelle, Apr 2022

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