Neon Collar & Multi-function Training Lead Set


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REFLECTIVE, STRONG, & ADJUSTABLE!  The Long Paws Urban Trek Collar and Training Lead set is not your average set of dog gear.

The Urban Trek set is extremely strong and secure. The webbing is brightly coloured with two high quality 3M Scotchlite reflective strips ensuring you and your dog are visible to cars, even in the dark. The Neon version will glow, even in the darker evenings. 

The Multi-Function Training Lead is an all-in-one leash for you and your dog. The leash has clips on both ends, and a number of rings along the length of the leash. This lets you clip one end to your dog's collar / harness, and then adjust the length of the leash by clipping the other end to one of the rings.

For training purposes, the leash can be used as:
  • a short lead for heel training;
  • a medium length lead for general obedience training; and
  • a long length lead for recall training.

You can also use the lead to attach to both a collar and harness to ensure full control over your dog, or to walk two dogs at the same time. And with the second clip, the leash can easily be tethered to your seat while relaxing with a cup of coffee, or slung over your shoulder for hands-free walking.

The set is ideal for dogs of all ages and is the perfect outdoor accessory. They are available in 4 sizes of collars for the puppies or small dogs, all the way through to larger dogs.

The collar is easy to adjust and once sized holds its position well. The collar clip goes on easily and securely, and the D-ring has been welded together for added strength, making certain that even the strongest of pullers cannot do any damage. The Urban Trek Collar is also machine washable, so your dog can get as messy as he / she wants, and your washing machine can sort out the mess.

The set comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.